Manage your household's pantry
an easier way.

Swipe Pantry is a better way to manage your household's inventory. Scan barcodes on your household goods to add them to your database and manage your quantity of items.

Fits everything on
your device.

Swipe Pantry gives you the tools to better manage your household inventory.

Search your pantry

Search every item in your pantry to see what you currently have, as well as the quantity you have currently of each item.

Create shopping lists

Create shopping lists for what you need using the products in your pantry. Automatically add items to your shopping list when you run out to make your life easier.

An intuitive experience.

Swipe Pantry is easy to use and we strive for our user experience to be as simple as possible for all of our users.

Improving your
inventory management.

Take control of your household's inventory today and manage the quantity of items that you own as well as adding things that you'll need on your next grocery store trip to your shopping list.

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